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Politics and culture blog - edited by Nick Wright, which goes straight to the heart of the main issues

Country Standard

Published since 1935 - edited by Mike Walker - for rural and food workers and countryside communities.


Unity! is the CP's regular bulletin published for Trade Union Conferences, events and disputes

ELECTION: 'Wealth tax the answer' say communists.

'A 5 per cent wealth tax on the super-rich would wipe out Britain's budget deficit and provide an extra £37 billion to invest in jobs, housing and public services', Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths told a Cardiff Trades Council hustings last night (Tuesday).

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ELECTION: Sables interviewed in North Devon

GerryS_webIn this interview the communist candidate for north Devon talks life, politics, hopes and fears. From a pot-washer to a postgrad in history, Gerrard Sables is a candidate in tune with local people and the roots of Devonian radicalism.
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