The Communist Party has called on members and supporters in the areas affected by flood damage to join volunteers and help save homes and workplaces and rebuild shattered communities.

In particular, it calls for increased community campaigning to significantly increase budgets for emergency, civic and voluntary organisations.

The CP echoes the anger of those in affected areas who have faced years of neglect and cuts to vital services. It warns that the government plans further cuts that will go ahead once media interest has waned. It urges MPs to hold to account those government ministries responsible for the environment, rural affairs and civil defence, which have allowed wealthy landowners to divert water courses away from their land, putting impossible pressure on drainage and overflow systems intended to protect the homes and livelihoods of working class and urban communities.

Robert Griffiths, CP general secretary declared: 'The miserable performance of this government is evident. First came the cuts to vital budgets and services. Then the minister responsible goes sunbathing while his plans fail to protect communities. The Government took ten days to deploy the army, trained for such emergencies, in support of courageous civil defence teams led by the fire service and local government employees. This is the kind of slapdash dithering we expect from Cameron who also stood by paralysed while the last coal mine was closed and the steel industry was destroyed.

The Commons should hold an emergency debate and resolve to allocate significant future funding to the fire, flood and environment protection services, with immediate compensation for those affected. Rather than wasting £167bn on a new generation of nuclear weapons, one-tenth of that would fund the infrastructure development needed to minimise future risk'.