The Young Communist League supports the call of the youth of London for justice and for a future - contends acting YCL general secretary Mick Carty.

We condemn the reckless violence and widespread criminality of recent nights but understand it as a direct product of the capitalist system, and the resulting dangerous lack of security and stability for the youth of today, accompanied by disenfranchisement and unprecedented levels of alienation.
Additionally, the chaotic manner in which the youth are expressing their anger is just one dangerous consequence of the promotion by the bourgeois media of "indignant peoples" protest without organisation, called through social media without democracy, leadership or clear politics.
Their message is that organisation is not necessary for change.
Consequently the developments across London reflect an individualism without regard for class or community and void of any social responsibility.
It is clear that the anger of the youth is derived from a number of factors including police brutality, the massive reduction in public spending on youth and other services and a general frustration at a future with little prospects.
The YCL notes that the cuts in public spending have had a disproportionate impact on both the youth and ethnic minority groups.
However, this form of protest, promoted through the organs of the class enemy, stifles political development among young people, at a time when the capitalist system itself is in deep crisis and its future is questioned by many.
The YCL maintains that politics without Marxism-Leninism is like a journey with no map.
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