The Communist Party has expressed its condolences to the family,  comrades and supporters of Tony Benn. He was, in the words of the Norfolk People’s Assembly, “one of the greatest Socialists and Parliamentarians of British history”.

Tony was a man of thought and action, a political representative of integrity who possessed a burning sense of justice and a belief in peace. Above all, Tony believed in the British people and that, despite the odds, they would prevail. As a minister he made an impact, associated with alternative worker’s plans, Concorde, the development of the oil industry and the creation of the Post Office bank. He wrote of his experiences so that all could see how the establishment worked and how it could be defeated. Affection for him spread across the political spectrum and will be demonstrated in days to come. We remember with pride his role during the miner’s strike, his forthright opposition to imperialist war, for the cooperative movement and for his newspaper of choice, the Morning Star.