JOIN THE ACTION: Altab Ali Day 4 May 2012 6pm Rally at Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel London E1. Download and distribute the flyer here


Altab Ali was a young Bengali clothing worker murdered by racists inspired by the fascist National Front in Whitechapel on 4 May 1978. Altab Ali’s death inspired an anti-racist movement in the East End that united the Bengali community with anti-racist organisations and trade unions. Over 50,000 people took part in the historic march from Whitechapel to Downing Street in June 1978, an event that turned the tide against the National Front.  
The solidarity of the labour movement with the local community in the East End is as crucial today as it was in 1978 as it faces a renewed racist threat from the English Defence League. 
Speakers at Altab Ali Day include: Megan Dobney (SERTUC), poet Michael Rosen, the Bishop of Stepney the Right Reverend Adrian Newman, Rushanara Ali MP, Murad Qureshi AM, a Hope Not Hate representative and veterans of the anti-racist struggle in 1978.  
Altab Ali Day is supported by the Communist parties of Britain and Bangladesh, Morning Star, Hope Not Hate, Southern and Eastern Region TUC, Greater London Association of Trade Union Councils, Unison Greater London Region, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jewish Labour Movement, Tower Hamlets Labour Party and a number of local trade union branches, faith groups and community organisations.  
Altab Ali Day is jointly organised by the Altab Ali Foundation and the United Platform Against Racism and Fascism which was formed by a number of the organisations responsible for last year’s hugely successful Cable Street 75 event marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street.   
The organisers hope Altab Ali Day will become an annual anti-racist event in the East End bringing together members of the local community with anti-racist organisations and trade unionists from across London.