HOPE NOT HATE: Call to halt EDL provocation in Bradford

The English Defence League is calling its protest in Bradford "the Big One," and with good reason. There are few other places in the country where an EDL protest will be seen as more provocative. Despite pretending to be opposed only to Islamic extremism, the EDL is going to Bradford to provoke the city's large Muslim population writes Hope Not Hate Organiser Nick Lowles in the Morning Star.

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March and Vigil against the fascist EDL in Stoke Jan 23rd

The 'English' Defence League are holding a 'static protest' in Old Hall Street, Hanley, at 3.00 pm on Saturday 23rd January.
Marches and rallies of the EDL are fascist demonstrations by a different name. North Staffs Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (NorSCARF) are organising a 
Peace and Unity March & Vigil. See events.


The Tory attack on low paid workers, benefit claimants and people with disabilities will continue for years to come unless we get rid of this government.

Most of the cuts planned by ex-Chancellor Osborne are going ahead as planned through freezing in-work benefits, rolling out Universal Credit and slashing disability payments. At the same time there are yet more tax cuts for business and extra public subsidies for capitalist free markets in housing, transport and technical innovation that have failed so miserably up to now. Instead of pumping £8bn more into the private housing sector and accelerating the forced sell-off of Housing Association properties, that money could build 140,000 new homes - almost four times more than Chancellor Hammond unveiled today.

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