YOUNG COMMUNISTS: 46th Congress resolution

The Young Communist League recently convened its 46th Congress. Founded in 1921, the YCL has brought together generations of young revolutionaries and other working class activists in campaigns that have set the pace in the labour, solidarity and anti-racist movements. If you want to apply to join or get involved let us know.

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GREENSHIELDS: To the people who are asking, "what next?"

After today’s great demonstration, we shouldn’t hear anyone asking, “What next?” The defeat of this illegitimate, unelected government will need much more than a series of demonstrations, important as they are. Such days must become landmarks within an ongoing, sustained campaign of action, co-ordinated across unions and communities writes People's Charter officer Bill Greenshields.

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THE PEOPLE'S VOICE: TUC demonstration October 2012

We marched by the tens of thousands in London and Glasgow. Every trade, town and city was represented and every part of a working class community, the young, the not so, the disabled, men and women, black and white, marching shoulder to shoulder. The demonstrators spoke with one voice. 'Enough is enough', they said and solidarity did its work as barriers were broken and unity emerged across all unions. The issue now is, what and where next?

To answer this question consider the following: the domestic resolution of the forthcoming 52nd congress of the CP is available here.  Bill Greenshields asks "Where next?" in the Morning Star.