CHACKO: "Defend socialist leadership of the Labour Party at all costs

Morning Star Editor Ben Chacko's political report to the CP's Executive Committee:

Whatever the poll predictions, it's clear that Britain's decision to leave the EU has come as a massive and disorienting shock to the political Establishment.

Although the nature of the vote differed from region to region and from nation to nation, this was a working-class revolt as Owen Jones pointed out yesterday morning.
The Communist Party, along with a number of allies on the left and in the labour movement - most especially in the RMT, Aslef and BFAWU unions - campaigned strongly for a left exit from the EU based on an understanding of its anti-democratic and pro-monopoly capitalist nature, and the limitations membership would place on any future socialist government of these islands.

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CP EC Reaffirms Commitment to LGBT Rights

Britain’s communists have reaffirmed the party’s long-standing commitment to the liberation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, pledging to campaign for full equality in all aspects of life.

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