Marx & Morris - Why we need them more than ever

In 1934 Stanley Baldwin, scourge of the miners and arch reactionary was tasked with forming a committee to officially mark the centenary of the birth of William Morris. Robin Page Arnot, CP leader and official historian of the miners' union, determined to write a counter blast to the official pomp and rescue the essence and true Morris for the working class and socialism. In this talk to Leicester Secular Society  [10 October 2010], David Grove continues the rescue mission! Morris, life long socialist, Marxist, visionary, brilliant writer, printer, weaver, poet and designer is today, the most googled name of any designer in history.

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TOM GILL INTERVIEW: Ken Gill Memorial Trust under the spotlight

In this interview we put questions to Tom Gill, Secretary of the Trust. The interview took place on the eve of this year's TUC. It was at many a Congress that Gill made such his mark - arguing time and again, and wining, delegations to the idea that workers are nothing unless they stick together and act together. It was an approach that made him a household name in his day.

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Short history of the CP
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