LEVELLER's DAY: We are still learning the lessons

On the night of May 14 1649, at the height of the English revolution, Cromwell's troops overpowered a group of 400 Levellers in a surprise attack at Burford, Oxfordshire. What took then took place, argues Gawain Little established principles we are still trying to get to grips with in the modern Labour Movement.

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ROBERT GRIFFITHS: 1911 When the State fired on civilians

This year is the centenary of the 1911 transport workers' strike, which turned murderous in Llanelli. Robert Griffiths, general secretary of the CP recently gave the AL Morton lecture on this key event. For many years, since the imposition of the Poll Tax, protests at the siting of cruise missiles at Greenham Common and the strike at News International,  the repressive role of the State has not figured in the concerns of the labour movement. Robert's lecture shows how the state responds when challenged and why we need to be brushing up on our history. 

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