1988-97 Re-establishing the Party

In April 1988, a special congress of delegates from CCG and existing Party organisations declared the re-establishment of the Communist Party in Britain on the basis of democratic centralism, Marxism-Leninism and The British Road to Socialism.

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1979-88: Reaction on Every Front

Tory strategy reflected the interests of monopoly finance capital in the City of London: to restore corporate profitability through privatisation, cuts in public services, lower wages, higher labour productivity, curbs on trade union rights and massive tax reductions for the rich and big business. An ideological offensive was launched in favour of 'free markets' and 'free' (i.e. monopoly) enterprise, accompanied by rearmament and a renewed ideological Cold War against the Soviet Union.

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COMMUNISTS TO BE PROUD OF: Betty Ambatielou 1917-2011

The Communist Party of Greece [KKE] announces the death of comrade Betty Ambatielou, veteran communist, dedicated to the cause of the working class, to communism and the KKE. She was born in South Wales, October 1917. Her father was a coal miner. Her maiden name was Bartlett. She studied and worked as a teacher. You can view a film clip of Betty demanding the release of her husband, a political prisoner for 15 years.

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