GEORGI DIMITROV: 130 anniversary of his birth

It is 130 years since the birth of Dimitrov, a print worker of humble origins who went on to defy the Nazis, lead the communist movement worldwide and become president of his beloved country, Bulgaria. To mark this anniversary, Robert Wilkinson reviews a new book ‘Georgi Dimitrov: A Biography’ by Marietta Stankova (I.B.Tauris). You can read his major speeches and purchase a pamphlet by him at the online CP bookshop. [Photo shows CP's Harry Pollitt with Dimitrov at the Seventh COngress of the Communist international]

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JAMES CONNOLLY: Graveside oration by Robert Griffiths

On May 13, at the invitation of the Communist Party of Ireland, Communist   Party of Britain general secretary Rob Griffiths delivered the oration at the graveside of James Connolly, the great Irish revolutionary executed for his part in the 1916 Easter Rising, at Arbour Hill Cemetery, Dublin.

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CP HISTORY GROUP: Two pamphlets launch new series

Welcome to the first in a new series of pamphlets produced by the Communist Party History Group, which was re-established following discussion in a subject stream at the 2005 Communist University of Britain. Although convened by the Communist Party, the CPHG is not restricted to current CP members. Both new pamphlets will soon be available online at the shop.

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1997-2010 New Labour, Same Class Struggle

By the late 1990s, the Party had also rebuilt international links and recommenced electoral work. But the feeling was growing that the Party should be more vigorous in asserting its independent identity and role, alongside its work in broader alliances. Differences over the succession to Tony Chater as Morning Star editor led to violations of democratic-centralism.

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