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KEVIN HALPIN BIOGRAPHY: Dedicated to the workers

memoirs of a militant kevin halpin

A life of struggle and working class politics has made Kevin Halpin a widely recognised labour movement figure. Now, for a new generation of emerging activists, in the unions and the CP, he has set out the lessons of his experience, set down his own words in a very readable biography, writes Andrew Murray.

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CP HISTORY GROUP: Launch five new pamphlets

The Communist Party History Group has released the first five pamphlets in a new series. The pamphlets are available free for download and circulation using the publications shelf at the top of the homepage. Subjects include the 'Chainmaker's strike', 'Handsworth tanks for the Second Front', 'Cardiff cigar maker's stirke 1911', 'Benny Rothman and the Kinder trespass' and '1688 - a glorious revolution?'


GEORGI DIMITROV: 130 anniversary of his birth

It is 130 years since the birth of Dimitrov, a print worker of humble origins who went on to defy the Nazis, lead the communist movement worldwide and become president of his beloved country, Bulgaria. To mark this anniversary, Robert Wilkinson reviews a new book ‘Georgi Dimitrov: A Biography’ by Marietta Stankova (I.B.Tauris). You can read his major speeches and purchase a pamphlet by him at the online CP bookshop. [Photo shows CP's Harry Pollitt with Dimitrov at the Seventh COngress of the Communist international]

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