Marx Oration

STAR EDITORIAL - Communists 'remember Marx' and warn of war

COMMUNISTS paid their respects to Karl Marx at his final resting place in Highgate Cemetery on Sunday 15 March. This was an opportunity to reflect on the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism, and warn that, in some parts of Europe, the outcome in 1945 was 'unfinished business'.

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Marx Oration 2010: Best & Highest Aspirations of the Human Race


Honarary Secretary of the Society for the Co-operation in Russian & Soviet Studies, Jean Turner delivers this years Marx Oration, organised by the Communist Party.

Two works vital to for understanding the development of the human race and the origin of life on earth were published in the mid-19th century – The Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels  in 1848 and Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859.

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Marx would have welcomed the struggle against tyranny in north Africa and the Middle East

Sunday saw the biggest gathering for years to mark the anniversary of the death of Karl Marx. This year the annual event was jointly sponsored by the CP and Marx Memorial Library. Robert Griffiths spoke for the CP, Dr John Callow for the Library and they were joined by Her Excellency the Ambassador of Cuba Comrade Esther Armenteros. Representatives from the embassies of China, Cuba, Nepal and Bolivia stood alongside representatives of CPs domiciled in Britain; from Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Iraq and the Sudan. A packed reception followed the event. Read on for Robert Griffiths graveside oration.

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