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CP Political Report

The political report is delivered to the Executive Committee's bi-monthly meetings to help shape and inform the direction of the CP's work and provide a strategic political analysis of developments nationally and internationally.

'Tories boost profits and poverty' say Communists


Speaking at the Communist Party executive committee at the weekend, vice chair Liz Payne accused the Tories of representing the interests of ever fewer big business corporations.


CP EXECUTIVE: Assembly could be vehicle for broad, popular, democractic anti-monopoly struggle


Read here the Political Report to the Executive Committee last weekend by CP Chair Bill Greenshields:

Firstly the achievement of the organisers of the People’s Assembly on June 22nd should be acknowledged, and they should be congratulated. To bring together the range of trade union leaders, community activists, anti-austerity and privatisation campaigners, Left organisations and individuals that together led to 4000 participants was a major achievement.  It provided a good starting point for further developments, and the Party will be determined to play its part.


2013 February Political Situation report – CP Political Committee


2013 February political situation report in full. CP Political Committee.
A deepening crisis haunts Europe but Osborne's refusal to shift in the face of a triple-dip recession is more than besieged incompetence, as Britain’s levels of corporate debt testify.


GRIFFITHS on the challenges of 2013

Robert Griffiths political report to the Communist Party executive.


Build an alternative strategy to maximise and mobilise opposition to ConDem pension plans

Last weekend the Executive Committee of the CP met to discuss, amongst other things,  the growing disunity amongst trade unions in their response to the ConDem governments cuts to public sector pension schemes. CP General Secretary, Robert Griffiths introduced the political report: "The struggle to defend public sector pensions has reached a critical point.