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Morrison - Progressive federalism is the answer

Communists say a federal republic as the best way forward for the peoples of Britain, writes Tommy Morrison, secretary of the Communist Party in Scotland.


Communist Party congress report now available

A new pamphlet which contains all the decisions and policies agreed at the CP's 53rd biennial delegate congress held on the 15th and 16th November 2014 is now available.


General secretary Robert Griffiths speech to 53rd Congress

At the 53rd congress of the communist party, general secretary Robert Griffiths calls for the workers of Britain to unite and to organise to clear out the Coalition government as soon as possible.


Communists in Congress - Liz Payne on internationalism

Genuine solidarity and internationalism are the key to overcoming capitalism and achieving peace worldwide, says Liz Payne, CP vice chair.


COMMUNISTS IN CONGRESS - John Foster on nations and class

Neoliberalism and new Labour removed the class struggle from the national question. The left must take it back, writes CP international secretary John Foster.



  • Scotland

    The communists of Scotland have long been a bedrock of the CP providing the party with some of the best known leaders and industrial militants. The Scottish communists host their own lively website which you can access here. www.scottishcommunists.org.uk

    There are Party branches in all the major centres. Scottish communists are active in a broad range of issues in national politics, conduct regular meetings, events and conferences, street activity and education classes. You are welcome to get involved.

    Check out forthcoming events here.

    You can read the Party programme for Scotland here – view ‘Breaking the British State: the way forward to a socialist Scotland.

    View the CP Scotland video channel here. http://www.youtube.com/user/scotcom

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  • Wales - Cymru

    The communists of Wales helped found the CP some 90 years ago and have today, developed a presence in every area of the country. The Wales CP is a bi-lingual party, active in union and community struggles as well as solidarity with the Cuban revolution and Venezuela.

    For more information go to the CP Wales website here.

    You can read the Party programme for Wales, Real Power for the People of Wales, in English and Welsh, here.

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  • England
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