Harry Pollitt commemoration

A commemorative evening of discussion and reflection and to celebrate the contribution of Harry Pollitt will be held in Droylsden on Monday 24 November. For more information.

Pollitt was general secretary of the communist party through its formative years and made a critical contribution to the anti fascist war effort and the establishment of the second front. He remains one of the greatest builders of the modern labour movement.

Communist Party Development Fund 2014

 The results of the CP Development Fund have been announced for 2014 and its good news for a number of local party branches, districts and nation committees.


A FORCE FOR SOCIALISM: a busy week for Cambridge communists

A key role in the Cambridge Union debate, 'Has capitalism failed?', a veterans breakfast, a public meeting to launch a campaign to raise a memorial to the International Brigaders who left the university to fight in Spain, two days of freshers fairs and the launch of two new pamphlets, has kept the Cambridge communist party on its toes.

Cambridge pamphlets are availble here.

Visit the Cambridge CP website here.


CORNWALL: Party Kesunyans a Vreten Vur - An Forth Vretennek dhe Socyalyth

Our thanks go to the CP South West and Cornwall District for allowing us to reproduce articles in Cornish. Yma towl a'n Party Kesunyans y’n scryven "An Forth Vretennek dhe Socyalyth" (Britain’s Road to Socialism).


BIRMINGHAM: No to elected mayors

Read here  flyer distributed by Birmingham communists to oppose the shift of power from the 120 elected city councillors and accessible local government, to a US style mayoral elected official.