Wales - Cymru

The communists of Wales helped found the CP some 90 years ago and have today, developed a presence in every area of the country. The Wales CP is a bi-lingual party, active in union and community struggles as well as solidarity with the Cuban revolution and Venezuela.

For more information go to the CP Wales website here.

You can read the Party programme for Wales, Real Power for the People of Wales, in English and Welsh, here.

COMMUNISTS - Real power for the people of Wales

Trevor Jones unveils the political programme of the Communists which favours a far greater devolution of powers from Brussels and London including areas of industrial relations, culture, health and education.


PRIFYSGOL GOMIWNYDDOL CYMRU Communist University of Wales

The bi-ennial Communist University of Wales will be held in Pontypridd on the Friday and Saturday 28 and 29 November 2014; featuring the Gwyn Alf Williams Memorial Lecture on 'Imperialism and Africa - Past and Present’.


Welsh communists call to action against NATO

The Welsh Communist Party is supporting the week of action against NATO.  In particular the CP calls for the  mobilisation  of trade union, community and peace activists for Saturday's march and demo.


Welsh communists call for action and solidarity on 10 July

In an open letter to the working people of Wales, CP Wales industrial organiser and secretary of Cardiff TUC calls for solidarity and a big turn out on demonstrations planned for six key centres of Cardiff, Camarthen, Swansea, Wrexham, Bangor and Merthyr Tydfil.


Communist call to Wales TUC - seek real power for the people

Welsh communists have a programme that could trounce Tory cuts and put our country on its feet, says CP secretary in Wales, Trevor Jones in the Morning Star.