Demonstrations are being held today throughout Israel focussing on the power centres of Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in opposition to government plans for war. Five out of the last seven elections in Israel have been preceded by war. Since early morning activists, led by the Israeli CP and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality [Hadash] have been blocking streets.

Member of the Knesset Dov Henin (Hadash) said on Thursday: "Stop the killing, stop the bloodshed immediately. Bombing will only result in more and more people being injured in Gaza and Israel. I call on all parties to reach an immediate cease-fire, and at the same time announce the opening of genuine negotiations an agreement with the Palestinians. "
MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash)said: "Netanyahu is making another round in a circle of blood for cynical political interests. He is speculating with the blood of the Palestinian people and brings an escalation that could cost the lives of Israelis. Netanyahu intends to force a war agenda towards the end of his term as prime minister, and to prevent voting to accept Palestine at the United Nations. This man is too dangerous to remain prime minister."
Elections are underway in Israel. Last week 800 delegates of Hadash and the civic movements which led the protests in Israel at the beginning of the year, gathered to select their candidates for the election. The popular Mihamed Barakeh, general secretary of the CPI topped the list which is the only one bringing together, men and women, Jewish and Arab Israelis, the Left and environmental groups.
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