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Given the choice in the US presidential election between a neoliberal, banker-oriented, imperialist warmonger or Trump’s demagogic promises to regenerate industry, create jobs, end crime and 'drain the swamp' of corruption, nobody should be too surprised at the result, Bill Greenshields told the Communist Party of Britain's political committee on Wednesday evening (November 9).

Read the election programme of the Scottish communists, 'Jobs and Services must be defended - Scotland needs the freedom to invest for the future'

David Cameron's pledge to rule as a one nation government oozed sincerity in equal measure to the Francis of Assisi guff served up by Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

MORNING STAR EDITORIAL - 7 MAY - Today's election offers a stark choice in terms of political emphasis, with Labour and the Tories seeking to implant their catchwords in voters' minds. 

Mollie Stevenson is the Communist Party general election candidate for Newcastle East, interviewed here in the Morning Star.